ABOUT A year of kindness

Spend a year doing something kind every day and something magical happens - you become happier, kinder, more grateful, and your life is imbued with meaning.

A Year of Kindness provides empirical evidence that focusing on kindness and gratitude leads to being happier and more fulfilled, and is an easy tool to create that focus. Simply write about gratitude and the things you do for others each day and see for yourself how this transforms any 365 days into a year of kindness.


Work in Progress

Coming soon ~ Losing Ourselves: How the pursuit of happiness makes us less happy (working title).

In a country founded on a right to pursue happiness, why are so many people unhappy? Dr. Paresky's forthcoming book presents the most current research in psychology and other branches of social science to reveal what gives life meaning. Drawing on social science, philosophy, wisdom from spiritual traditions, and case studies of people who do meaningful things, Dr. Paresky illuminates how it is not a focus on our own happiness that makes us happy. It is a focus on something greater than ourselves. It is when we transcend our narrow view of individual "self" that we have the expansive sense of a life well-lived. In a certain sense, it is only the loss of self that creates the experience that life is worthwhile.



"Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something." 

- Henry David Thoreau


Dr. Pamela Paresky created A Year of Kindness as a simple guide to light the way. After a year of doing something kind each day and keeping a journal to focus your attention on kindness and gratitude, you will never be the same. Nor will the recipients of your acts of kindness.


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"I am loving A Year of Kindness. I grow more grateful and kind (to myself and others) daily”

- Joe Kelly


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